3500MG Full Spectrum Whole Plant Tincture

$120.00 $99.00

WE DID IT!! Amazing quality meets Affordability.

I am super excited to be able to offer this product to everyone as this is what I have been working towards when I started the business. “Bring an awesome quality product to the market for an affordable price”. Tell your friends and the spread the word about the amazing value we are offering.

3500 mg of CBD in a 1 ounce bottle.

115 mg of CBD per dropper

Carrier oil is unrefined hemp seed oil.

I have posted the full panel certificate analysis in the photo gallery.

Feel free to email us at Info@herbalhealerscbd.com if you have any questions.

2 reviews for 3500MG Full Spectrum Whole Plant Tincture

  1. 5 out of 5

    I recently bought the 3500mg tincture. I have been consistently using cbd oil (a lower strength) before bed nightly for a little over a year. When I got this one I was pretty surprised at how much better I slept, how much less tense my jaw muscles were, and how much better my anxiety was. Great product and a good value.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I’ve found the 3500 extremely effective. It works almost immediately (within minutes).
    In comparison with the 1000mg…. I’ve noticed the 1000mg is best suited for daytime use. It’s a bit lighter and keeps me productive. The 3500 I’ve been using mostly at night. Helps calming and sleeping throughout the entire night. Which is a bit heavier effect-wise.
    The 1000mg I usually dose between 40-80mg, and the 3500 usually between 100-200mg.
    I actually enjoy both products because of the different concentrations. Also the ability to control dosages is important.
    The droppers now have dosage lines on them which is really great as well.
    From a medical standpoint :
    I also have been in remission for almost a year from ulcerative colitis, since I’ve started a CBD regimen
    Although I’m still on maintenance meds… your CBD oil has enabled me to cut those meds in half and still maintaining no flares for a year.
    I appreciate and value what you guys have done to progress and get us the best product available.

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