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This page is for the pre-order of the 3000mg full spectrum tincture. The pre-order will stay available until release date. This date is up in the air as we are waiting for test result number two to come in. The first test was perfect and the oil tests over 3000mg in the whole bottle. It is formulated for 3500mg. We did this so that we would never have to worry about the concentration of CBD between batches. I am super excited to be able to offer this product of everyone as this is what i have been working towards when we started the business. “Bring an awesome quality product to the market for an affordable price”. Don’t hesitate to pre-order. Once we receive testing the price goes back to the original price of $99.00. Tell your friends!

I have posted the first test that was done on the oil. I sent another sample out for one more testing. That test will include Heavy Metals, 140 count Pesticides, Microbial s, Mycotoxins, Terpenes, Total Cannabinoids, THC Content, and CBD Concentration

The price is marked down $14 for the pre-order. This product will retail for $99.00, an awesome value. If you decide to pre-order we are willing to sell it at $85.00 with Free Shipping.

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Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered 🙂

Feel free to email us at Info@herbalhealerscbd.com if you have any questions.


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